RTU B300

The B300 is a multiprotocol advanced RTU (Remote Terminal Unit) with local
processing capability, compact modular construction, provided for installation on DIN rail.
The B300 RTU is a modular device composed of a CPU and of several  Input/Output modules.
The CPU module is the main unit of the B300 RTU. In every configuration there must always be a CPU module.
The CPU module is equipped with some Input/Output lines and can be used in a standalone configuration, without additional modules, when the on board I/O lines are sufficient for the specific application.
The CPU module is equipped with an Ethernet port, RS 232 and RS 485 serial ports, USB port, Bluetooth functionality, mass storage on SD card and GSM/GPRS communication module.
The CPU module implements various protocols, including IEC 60870-5-101 and IEC 60870-5-104 and is able to transfer data on different communication vectors. The CPU module is equipped with PLC capability and can perform local automation. To implement the automations is available a powerful integrated development environment, which supports all five programming languages required by the IEC 61131-3 standard and in addition, allows the integration of library blocks written in C / C ++ language, standard de facto in the programming of embedded systems.

PICOTURBINA 20W Hydrogenerator

Hydroelectric power generator
– Hydroelectric generator with MPPT battery charger
– Suitable for 12V and 24V battery
– Maximum power output 20W
– Reliable and easy to install
– Designed to supply RTU, data-logger and measuring system
– Born to take advantage of the difference of pressure between inlet and outlet of regulation valves with no waste of water
– Usable in any kind of application falling within the total energy balance and respecting the hydraulic requirements
– Produced power is regulated for the safeguard of battery
– Low power mode optimized for very low consumption in no generation periods
– RS-485 interface with MODBUS protocol
– LCD display for real time monitoring
– Friendly pc software for operating parameter settings
– Internal RTC clock-calendar and I/O lines for advanced functions
– Continuous and discontinuous operating mode with optional external  regulation valve

Ultrasonic Level Meter USM 02

The Ultrasonic Level Meter USM-02 it’s a reliable, easy installation high versatility instrument. It’s used for the measurement of solids and liquids level
avoiding contact with them.
In installations where there are no energy problems USM-02 is suitable for
continuous measurements, and it is highly useful where the very low consumption is an essential prerogative.
Also in the low power mode the USM-02 assures the continuous presence of the voltage signal output. This peculiarity makes the USM-02 an instrument highly indicated to be interfaced with asynchronous systems and data loggers. USM-02 and WLB-01 GPRS Logger can be linked directly with an IP68 connection.
An outflow scale can set by the user inside the USM-02 to calculate directly the flow using the level, the analog outputs can be associated to the level or to the flow rate.

Main applications:
– Level measurement of collection tanks
– Level measurement in sewage systems
– Level measurement of canals
– Level measurement of reservoir
– Level measurement of weir gate for flow rate

SMS Receiver

SMS receiver is used to collect data from Datalogger, when is not possible to use FTP protocol.

Water Counters WMC – WHC

– GSM/GPRS Counter
– Reliable and easy to install
– Pulse, direction and tamper inputs
– Data acquisition of total and daily partial count
– Data acquisition of particular periods for water losses research
– Internal clock automatic synchronization by SNTP
– Internal lithium battery power supply
– Bluetooth interface
– Supplied with internal or external antenna
– User-friendly pc software and Android app for setting and monitoring
– High protection degree (IP68)

Main applications:
– Counting acquisition from water wheel counters
– Counting acquisition from pulse output of flow meter
– Billing purpose and search of losses